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Good Time by BoreasTH
Clarity by Diamond-waterfalls
I'm gonna getcha!! (SonicXMina) by CreamsFriend
A Fox and Rabbit can love!! by CreamsFriend
Hetero Bonding
CM- Rouge x Tails by Kojiro-Brushard
Aquatic Ruin Swimming by WishesareEternal
The Nutcracker Prince by jayfoxfire
keep warm by aoii91
Male Bonding
Peaceful village day by the-Gitz
Giant aquatic rats by the-Gitz
Thanks. by the-Gitz
Razor and Crusher by DelineationCreation
Female Bonding
Long-awaited Meeting by JustRiyaRay
Spring by JustRiyaRay
Winter Day by JustRiyaRay
Tikal and Cream by JustRiyaRay
Robotic Bonding
Nanite ice cream by jayfoxfire
.:Gift:. Mistake -M.Sonilver- by SEGAMew
.:SonMSal:. Metallic Embrace by SEGAMew
Why don't you do right? by TheCrimsonEmo
Inanimate Object Bonding
Butterfly~ by LuckyBachi
Mwahaha by TrishRowdy
Mistletoe by sendoki
Gender Bender
Collab : Saving by hopelessromantic721
Collab: Protection by hopelessromantic721
Gender Bend Amy and Tails by hopelessromantic721
Heartbeat_Shadow_and_Maria by Can-I-steal-ur-heart
Multiple Relationships
Sonadow Papercraft - Now With More HermScourge by SonicRemix
Lineless practice by the-Gitz
Crackle UPS delivery express by the-Gitz
sonamyshad by Imtoolazytothink
Official x Fan Character Bonding
Commission || Salt N' Vinegar by NeroFlare
Commission from Spheen - Happy Couple by AftonTrash
Colab Goophou Sniveste by KissTheThunder
Tearing Down The Walls by KissTheThunder
Cross Franchise Bonding
I'm not sorry for this by the-Gitz
Commission from Phageous - Bad Moustaches by AftonTrash
Thank you Wind Traveler! by Vodka-Bunny
4am by SuperSkyseeker
Comics and Meme
Sapphire Immortality - 03 - 00 by SonicRemix
Undefined Bonds
Amy protecting bird by SMSSkullLeader
Fetish and Mature Type Bonds
Silver's thirst by tierafoxglove


Recent Journal Entries

We welcome all new members!

No need to ask whether you may join!
:heart: Just hit the 'Join Our Group' button at the left! :heart:

Note: Because of the admins' personal lifes, there might be times where submissions to the group are delayed. If your submission request expires, you can resend it.
Read the rules before submitting.

Welcome to AASS~!

Hello and welcome to the Absolutely Any Sonic Shipping Club (or AASS Club for short). Here at AASS, we are a non judgmental organization and is the perfect sanctuary for all who practice even the most taboo of love.

There is absolutely no boundaries as long as the laws of deviantART is not surpassed. Love is a very boundless thing, it is present in many forms. Whether it be friendship, kinship, or lacks little reason, love manages to find its way into the hearts of many~

Examples of Acceptable Submissions into AASS:

Male and a Female [Hetero]
Male and a Male [Yaoi]
Female and a Female [Yuri]
Attraction towards a non-living object
Attraction towards an automation/robot
Attraction for Yourself [Vanity]
Attraction towards multiple persons/object [Polygamy]
Attraction towards those significantly older or younger than your biological age [Pedophilia]
Attraction towards Your Kin [Incest]
or even Otherwordly/Supreme Beings

AASS will not turn away supporters nor will we turn away non-supporters. We simply ask that you respect eachother and not cause any disturbances in this somewhat holy sanctuary~





:bulletyellow: Submit to the right folder!
Some pairings have their own folder
If it's a comic, meme or text, it goes into the respective folder, not a pairing folder
Submit only ONCE and wait for a decision. Keep the submission message in your inbox.

:bulletyellow: At least one official character! No fancharacter-only pairings!

:bulletyellow: There must be bonding visible!
No individual characters unless it's heavily implied that they're in love with someone or something, etc.

:bulletyellow: Only finished works or clean sketches! No WIPs!
Put effort into your pictures, we don't want each of your speedy doodles

:bulletyellow: No bases!
They won't help you improve as an artist and the results are usually crappy.
Plus, too many bases are traced which counts as copyright infringement.

:bulletyellow: No recolors!
This goes for both pictures (e.g. recolors of Sonic X screenshots) and characters (fancharacters that are recolors of official characters).

:bulletyellow: No traced images, no stolen pictures, no "found it on google"!

:bulletyellow: Photos only, if they actually have "artistic quality"
It's way too easy to just put two plushies on your bed together and take a snap.

:bulletyellow: Please avoid Gmod 3d pictures
Unless you can assure us you created all the used models/backgrounds or that you have full permission to use the models/resources and actually put some effort into the arrangement.
We accept any 3d pictures provided you created the models yourself.

:bulletyellow: No lined/squared paper, no darkish photos!
Use blank paper
Try to get a good scan of your picture
If you don't have a scanner available, try to edit the photo, e.g. like this

:bulletyellow: Good writing!
Remember correct punctuation and capitalization
Check the verbs and tenses
Get someone to proof-read and correct if necessary

Follow dA's Rules!
No pornography!
No copyright infringements! ( Information )

Please no more than 3 submissions per day.


Go ahead, hit the join button, the group's open for anyone!

If you don't like being flooded by submissions, you can unwatch the group by clicking on the small arrow on a deviation in your inbox or in Manage Friends on the top right.


Check out the affiliates widget at the bottom of this page.


If you wish to affiliate with us, your club must meet the minimum requirements:

1) Your club must have at least 80 members OR 150 Watchers (both is a plus!)
2) It has to be at the minimum SEGA-related (doesn't have to be just Sonic!. It can also be an official group that is closely affiliated with Sonic (Crush 40, Sonic Team, etc)
3) It can not be a strictly Sonic pairing themed club
4) No Hate or Anti Clubs (unless you speak of Anti-Mobius/Moebius, one of the universes in the Archie Sonic comics)
5) Has to be relatively active (your club will also be remove if deemed inactive)
6) Your Club Avatar must be aesthetically pleasing.
7) No Individual Fan character Clubs (The Ecco Fanclub is the only exception due to its status as being a brother club)
8) AASS will replace existing affiliates in favor of more a more active club of the same theme if such a situation arises.
9) I will accept group affiliation requests for groups that may not meet all the requirements, but I see it as being successful (in the present or future)
10) Whenever I think of more guidelines, I'll post them here >.>;






Master's Servant



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